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[xmca] Developmental position at the University of Edinburgh

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From: *Hugh Rabagliati*
Date: Friday, March 22, 2013
Subject: [COGDEVSOC] Developmental position at the University of Edinburgh
To: cogdevsoc@virginia.edu, info-childes@googlegroups.com

(apologies for cross-posting)

Dear all,

The University of Edinburgh is looking to hire our third (!) developmental
psychologist of the year. Please consider applying, or forwarding the ad on
to high-flying postdocs and students. We're building a great group, and
want a fantastic colleague to join us.

This particular position is called a "Chancellor's Fellowship", and it is
an amazing deal. This is a research-intensive post at the Assistant Prof.
level, with an extremely low teaching load initially, allowing the
successful applicant to focus on building a productive research program and
group. The Fellowships are part of a University-wide initiative to hire
highly-productive, independent young scientists and scholars.

The listing can be found here:

The closing date is soon -- 5pm GMT on April 18 -- but the application
procedure is not arduous, so I want to encourage applications from
individuals who only planned on entering the job market arena next year.

The area of interest within developmental psychology is open. The
department has particular strengths in Language & Cognition, Human
Cognitive Neuroscience, and Differential Psychology, but we would be also
be interested in individuals who can boost our strengths in
underrepresented areas, such as social development.

Edinburgh is a historic, world-class university, with particular strengths
in the behavioural and biomedical sciences. The interdepartmental cognitive
science community is amongst the world's largest, and the psychology
department has made a large number of junior hires in the last year.

For those unclear about the non-academic benefits, I invite you to perform
a google image search for "edinburgh". The city is both beautiful and
culturally rich, with the world's largest cultural festival season every
summer. An extinct volcano overlooks the Old Town, and the Scottish
highlands are a short trip away.


Hugh Rabagliati
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