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[xmca] FW: New Release from IAP - Making Sense of Infinite Uniqueness The Emerging System of Idiographic Science

I thought this looked interesting:

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Subject: New Release from IAP - Making Sense of Infinite Uniqueness The Emerging System of Idiographic Science

[News update from Information Age Publishing]


Mar 12th 2013 4:46pm

Making Sense of Infinite Uniqueness: The Emerging System of Idiographic Science

Edited by:
Sergio Salvatore, University of Salento
Alessandro Gennaro, University of Salento
Jaan Valsiner, Clark University


Buy Online at http://infoagepub.com/products/Making-Sense-of-Infinite-Uniqueness
Paperback 9781623960254 Web Price: $39.09
Hardcover 9781623960261 Web Price: $73.09
eBook 9781623960278

Special Sale Price of $34.99 per book (paperback) within the U.S. ($39.99 rest of the world)
Free Shipping if you call and place your order by April 15th 1-704-752-9125 ext 2

A volume in the series: Yearbook of Idiographic Science<http://infoagepub.com/series/Yearbook-of-Idiographic-Science>
Editor(s): Sergio Salvatore, University of Salento. Jaan Valsiner, Clark University.

The Series addresses a quite large potential public - students and researchers interested to theoretical and methodological development of psychology and, more in general, social science. Persons engaged with qualitative, dynamic informed models of analysis will find YIS a precious tool as well as a context enabling to develop a worlwide network of practices and cultures of research. The first three volumes' TOC witness how large and constantly increasing is the interest around the scientific project.

CONTENTS: SECTION I: THE PUZZLE: LANGUAGE FOR THE SCIENCE OF UNIQUE EVENTS. How Idiographic Science Could Create Its Own Terminology, Jaan Valsiner and Sergio Salvatore. Commentary: What Should Idiographic Language be Like? Carlos Cornejo. Commentary: Some Considerations Pertinent to the Language of Idiographic Science, James T. Lamiell. Commentary: Explaining Social Behavior In Situ: The Study of Points of View, Gordon Sammut and George Gaskell. SECTION II: COMMUNICATION: THEORETICAL OBSTACLE OR INNOVATIVE RESOURCE? The Language as Object: A Tool of Intersubjective Exchange in Clinical Practice, Claudia Venuleo. The Singular Patterns of Discourse for a Psycho-Idiographic Analysis of Language, Giuseppe Mininni, Beatrice Ligorio, and Rosa Traversa. Metacommunication, Microgenesis, and Idiographic Sciences: The Study of Meaning-Construction Processes, Angela Uchoa Branco. Commentary: Idiographic Science: Its Polyphonic Arena and Need for Reflexivity, Giuseppina Marsico. SECTION III: INTERVENTION: THE GENERAL APPLIED TO THE UNIQUE. Innovative Moments in Psychotherapy: From Narrative Outputs to the Semiotic-Dialogical Processes, António P. Ribeiro, Miguel M. Gonçalves and Anita Santos. Narration and Discourse in the Clinical Dialogue, Maria Francesca Freda and Fabio Milito Pagliara. Commentary: Blind Spots and Laziness: Two Ways of Becoming "Stuck" Philip J. Rosenbaum. SECTION IV: METHODOLOGIES: GROWING THE DYNAMIC ANALYSIS. Positioning Microanalysis: The Development of a Dialogically Based Method for Idiographic Psychology, João Salgado and Carla Cunha. The Role of Language in Researcher-Participant Interaction, Andrea Smorti and Elia Cardini. Commentary: Some Reflections on the Emergence of Multimodal Assemblages of Meaning, Mariann Märtsin.

Special Sale Price of $34.99 per book (paperback) within the U.S. ($39.99 rest of the world)
Free Shipping if you call and place your order by April 15th 1-704-752-9125 ext 2

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