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Re: [xmca] system and structure

Ooof.   This is redolent of an image of leaping Mike back in time to catch
a flying baseball.

My interpretation (I've read the book once) is that the code penetrates the
unmediated meanings.  Except that the code does not simply penetrate it in
the way that digitally expressed numbers penetrate an analog current, but
that the code is hierarchical, which relates to Mike's "top down" & "bottom
up" sense making processes that are deemed to arise through
discoordinations of mediation (the CWn + 1 notation in the  Model Systems
Approach paper -- King et al ).  That would be "structure".  But that
(theoretic) structure would take place in a (theoretic) system.

Hope that helps...

On 19 February 2013 17:12, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Larry-- I have not been able to follow up properly on earlier discussion
> regarding
> system/structure. The Wilden book is full of interesting stuff in this
> regard, but
> oddly diffused and therefore difficult to summarize. The attached figure is
> an example
> of structure from the book that I thought might be of interest to people on
> xmca. Looks
> familiar and note to whom it is attributed.
> mike
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