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[xmca] events?

HI Mike,

Catalina Laserna and I had some theoretical discussion around events quite a few years ago when we were conducting video conferences with Randy Souviney's folks in your vicinity -- under the project that Denis Newman and I worked on.  Teachers in SD video-conferenced with teachers from the Boston area.  We labeled the conference as an "event", as it was a real and virtual gathering of people communicating somewhat over  a common object within a well-defined time duration.

We encountered a lot of communication in its planning -- what I would come later to understand somewhat as prolepsis from your own book.  We also observed a lot of communication locally afterward about what happened during the "event".  What was disappointing was that the video conference stimulated communication much more locally and not so much communication and collaboration between coasts, as we had hoped the net would then facilitate. We ended up puzzled.

In this day people plan flash mobs (an event type?) frequently over the net as if it were a tradition.

And some recordings of flash mobs go viral.

Go figure.

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