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[xmca] Re: Events: Assistance requested

Ah! Well, I started to send this note to all of you, then decided to send
to daughter, but ended up sending to all of you after all, so here is the
problem. Delete if this is an intrusion on your time.

I am teaching a class where students are interest in an activity called
"event planning" for which people are sometime paid enough to make a
living. The difficulty is that the students do not
appear to have been taught anything they can remember about
events and this is a senior class. So I am doing some digging with them,
and now with you.

The dictionary is of limited use:
* *
*a. * Something that takes place; an occurrence.
*b. * A significant occurrence or happening. See Synonyms at
*c. * A social gathering or activity.

A philosophical dictionary lays out the problem territory in greater
detail: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/events/#EveVsObj

For events of type c, which the students are most concerned with of course,
my thought was to turn to the work of Turner, Goffman..... but I cannot use
an entire book.

I would appreciate suggestions for sources that would help me and my
students to think about events, especially as they relate
to a process called communication.

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