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[xmca] Re: Vladimir Zinchenko's metaphor "culture AS inviting force"

One more comment on *romantic Science* and the notion of "degrees" of
coordination rather than "polarities" AS opposites
V. Zinchenko in exploring ideal and real forms as types  suggests BOTH
ideal and real forms are objective AND subjective. EACH type of form may be
more or less objective or more or less subjective [degrees] but  BOTH types
of form share underlying coordinations.  It is the way these
contrasting types of form are translated or transformed [and maybe
transcended???] each into the other which  Vladimir suggests is fundamental
to Luria's notion of romantic science. Terms such as non-classical and
organic psychology are other terms Vladimir explores within cultural
historical theory AS romantic science.  Mediation is the *way* of
translation or transformation [and possibly transcendence???]

Mike, I'm trying to develop clarity on these terms to help with
communication. I hope I'm in the right *ball park* [using Schweder's notion
of culture LIKE a baseball game].


On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Larry Purss <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> In my continuing reflections trying to notice overlaps between cultural
> historical theory and continental philosophy I came across this metaphor
> from Vladimir Zinchenko.
> culture AS inviting force
> This metaphor could also be generated within the tradition of continental
> philosophy.
> for Vladimir culture is more than a context or familiar surroundings.
> Culture besides being an inviting force can also engulf a person or culture
> can push a person away.
> A human being is FREE to accept or reject the invitation.  The invitation
> consists in the DIFFERENCE OF POTENTIAL that exists between ideal and real
> forms.
> The person IF accepting the invitation appropriates the ideal forms and
> may TRANSCEND these ideal forms.
> In THIS process these cultural ideal forms TURN into personal/individual
> REAL forms.  The personal/individual REAL forms in their TURN SHOULD be
> able to generate new IDEAL forms. Vladimir calls these new forms monuments
> to the human SPIRIT.
> These monuments of the human spirit in TURN contribute to the whole BODY
> of ideal forms.
> In the absence to accepting this invitation THIS dynamism would stop and
> the development of culture would stop.
> I ventriloquated these ideas from an article Vladimir wrote in 2002 titled
> "From Classical to Organic Psychology: In Commemoration of the Centenial of
> Vygotsky's Birth"
> As I read THIS description of Vladimir's interpretation and translation of
> cultural historical theory the metaphor of culture AS inviting force and
> our being able to accept or reject the invitation shared a certain
> sense-ability with continental philosophy.  Also the  description of the
> dynamism between human spirit and monuments OF the human spirit as TURNING
> and TRANSCENDENCE also share a certain sense ability with continental
> philosophy.
> Larry
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