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[xmca] Help with Alice in Wonderland quote?

There is a wonderful quote from Alice in Wonderland that I'm having a hard
time finding. It has something to do with the color red and the queen (or
maybe the Cheshire Cat) asking Alice to bring her (it/him) the color red.
Alice asks if what is wanted is a red object of some sort (an apple or a
piece of cloth) and the answer is "no, just bring me red" (or something
like that).

And note, I may have the source wrong.

But if I am remembering it correctly, it is a lovely passage that nicely
presents one of the central and most potent critiques that Romantic Science
can level against reductionistic modes of science.

Any help would be appreciated.


Gregory A. Thompson, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
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