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RE: [xmca] Thanks XMCA!

Well done Helen! 

It's no coincidence that I've written (in my own yet to be submitted PhD
thesis) a paragraph very similar to your acknowledgements of this wonderful
XMCA community. A testament to the enormous value of these discussions and
sense of community, even for those of us like me who struggle to follow the
pace while remaining focused on my work. I only hope that one day I'll be in
the position of posting my paragraph here also.


... and for now, thank you XMCA :-)

Deborah Rockstroh 
Southern Cross University

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Today I submitted my thesis for examination, but as it is unlikely that any
of you will ever read it, I wanted to share a paragraph from my
acknowledgements page ...

"I would also like to thank the XMCA online community whose amazing
conversations constantly challenge my thinking and understanding. Although
it was daunting to dip my toes into the conversation of such heavyweights of
the cultural-historical field, no question or naïve contribution was ever
laughed at, and always received thoughtful and encouraging replies. It was
uncanny how frequently topics of discussion appeared just at the right time
as I was thinking through a problem in my analysis! Special thanks to Andy
Blunden and Wolff-Michael Roth, who generously gave the time for skype
conversations when my questions about concept development and co-teaching
got too complex for email."

... Thank you all, and especially to Mike for making a noob feel welcome
when I first dipped my toes in!


Helen Grimmett
PhD Student, Teaching Associate
Faculty of Education
Monash University, Peninsula Campus
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