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Re: [xmca] Thanks XMCA!

Thanks so much Helen,
Will we get to see your thesis at some point?

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 3:07 AM, Helen Grimmett

> Dear XMCA
> Today I submitted my thesis for examination, but as it is unlikely that any
> of you will ever read it, I wanted to share a paragraph from my
> acknowledgements page ...
> "I would also like to thank the XMCA online community whose amazing
> conversations constantly challenge my thinking and understanding. Although
> it was daunting to dip my toes into the conversation of such heavyweights
> of the cultural-historical field, no question or naïve contribution was
> ever laughed at, and always received thoughtful and encouraging replies. It
> was uncanny how frequently topics of discussion appeared just at the right
> time as I was thinking through a problem in my analysis! Special thanks to
> Andy Blunden and Wolff-Michael Roth, who generously gave the time for skype
> conversations when my questions about concept development and co-teaching
> got too complex for email."
> ... Thank you all, and especially to Mike for making a noob feel welcome
> when I first dipped my toes in!
> Cheers,
> Helen
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