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[xmca] obuchenie


I've been doing a lot of reading on interaction in a tool-mediated learning
environment and have begun to read specifically on different forms of
assessment. In the second language acquisition classroom, I've been
examining scaffolding, formative and summative assessment as well as
dynamic assessment.

These forms of assessment are very much different, but there is literature
which suggests that scaffolding is similar in many ways to dynamic
assessment. I'm not in agreement with this, but I'm attempting to figure a
way to decipher the differences not theoretically, but in the classroom
(there are enough convincing arguments in the literature to help me
differentiate between scaffolding and dynamic assessment).

Putting that aside for the moment, I've encountered the word obuchenie
before through this list and also in some of the literature, and I'm not
sure how to define obuchenie with respect with dynamic assessment. I'm
convinced that they are one in the same.

Looking for some guidance.


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