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[xmca] New Director for LCHC/New Board Member MCA

Dear Colleagues-

Two happy announcements:

1. As of this morning, Stefan Tanaka, the historian who has been a part of
LCHC in recent years and who has
moved his appointment from the history department to communication will be
acting director. This change
is coming about now as a way of providing space and opportunity for UCSD to
find a replacement for me
when I retire to become an emeritus professor (and continuing member of the
lab!) a year from now. If
the State does not crush the University of California in the coming year
(and it well might) there will be a
job opening here a year hence. Stefan would, I am sure, be happy for
suggestions of who should take over
the lab since he is also director of our local humanities institute and has
plenty of work on his plate as it is!

2. Jennifer Vadaboncoeur is joining the MCA editorial board. She comes
outfitted with some good ideas about which
        we will be hearing as her time permits.

I am really looking forward to a productive year during which we will be
trying to complete a number of
long running projects, including the long-delayed upgrading of
xlchc.ucsd.org. Stay tuned.

Meantime, Happy Canada Day to those to the north, and Happy 4th of July to
those of you in the US who look forward
to a day off.


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