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[xmca] FW: Extradiction to USA and privatisation of knowledge/ internet

Dear xmca

I sent the email below to our faculty earlier and thought that xmca would be interested in this: Jimmy Wales has called for us (front page of the Guardian today/yesterday) to sign a petition against the extradition of a young student to the US to face charges with up to 10 years imprisonment - who committed no illegal act in UK jurisdiction (i.e. running a website that provided information tousers about where they might obtin free views of video)...

Not only are Brits outraged at this one-way US-imperialist extradition law but it also raises issues of 'who owns knowledge/ the internet'?

Julian Williams

" you might be interested in the connections below to a talk by Eben and to the fight over extradition featured recently on the front page of the Guardian.

Link to Eben Moglen's tallk on freedom to innovate http://boingboing.net/2012/05/27/innovation-under-austerity-eb.html
Have a look at the extradition issue raised by Jimmy Wales:


Petition at or click link in Guardian article:

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