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[xmca] Vygotsky lectures on vimeo

I'm asking around UGA's Torrance Center for creativity, where Francine Smolucha gave a talk about 20 years ago, to see if they have a video of the event. Got the following response, which may be of interest to those who are not aware of the existence of these talks:

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From: Bonnie Cramond 

Dear Peter and Mark,

I do recall that in 1997 Natalia Gajdamaschko hosted a Vygotsky lecture that was attended by Vygotsky's daughter, Gita, and granddaughter, Elena.
I found video of that online at http://vimeo.com/16633668 and http://vimeo.com/14850621  
I think the Torrance Center also has a video of that talk, but it is now packed in a box somewhere.  We will find it soon.  I'll let you know.


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