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[xmca] Lewin, LSV, ARL

Seems like differentiation of subject lines would help here.

Re Lewin and the Russians:

There is a good deal about Lewin in the *Nature of Human Conflicts*,
focused on "quasi-needs" and related matters.
(I will probably learn eventually that this book was really written by
Trotsky on a midnight ride through Kazan, but at
present I believe it was written by Luria. A Russian version based upon his
hand written manuscript was published
a few years ago in Russian and the English translation has some howlers in
it for those who enjoy such matters.
It appeared in English in 1932. It was almost certainly shopped
around during 1929 visit by ARL to New Haven Intl. Congress of

So, assuming that LSV and ARL knew each other, probably LSV knew about
Lewin's ideas before 1932.


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