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Re: [xmca] Smolucha - pronunciation/genealogy (Systems of functions & Aristotelian concepts)

Here is the text that Anton and Michael have been referring to.


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On Jun 21, 2012, at 10:09 PM, Anton Yasnitsky wrote:

> Andy, 
> I regard mediation etc.pretty vague and, therefore, virtually meaningless. Also I regard the whole research program of Vygotsky Circle of their instrumental period of 1920s
> mechanistic indeed, and this conclusion I borrow primarily from Vygotsky's own texts in which he severely criticized their own ideas of that period.
> Finally, yes, I do find the sharp separation of all psychological functions (whatever this means) into either the higher or the lower binary, rigid, valuative, and pretty much Aristotelian, 
> in Lewin's terminology. Under Lewin's strong influence Vygotsky realized the flaw in his conceptual system and made a serious effort at making the transition from
> Aristotelian to Galileian in his own thinking, but, quite unfortunately, by the time this transition in many respects was made, he did not have too much time to  live:
> a couple of years, not more. Which is a pity, indeed.
> AY
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> So Anton, you regard mediation of psychlogical functions by cultural artefacts as "mechanistic" and "binary"?
> Andy
> Anton Yasnitsky wrote:
>> Martin, 
>> Right, this is exactly my point: much criticized for fairly mechanistic distinction between the lower and the higher in his earlier work of 1920s, Vygotsky rejected this binary opposition in his later writings of the 1930, although he kept using  phrases "higher functions" or, rather, "higher processes" and the like. 
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