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Re: [xmca] Vote for Free Access Article for Discussion

Please check out the link in the forwarded message below. You should join
the xmca listserv. The world's leading scholars in cultural studies of
education, learning, and cognition post on this forum, often several times
a day. The particpants represent diverse perspectives. Vygotsky is the
common denominator for most participants. Some participants are Marxist,
some are probably politically opposed to the Marxist perspective. Freire is
not commonly mentioned. But, the for the theoretical grounding in our
mutual areas of interest, manual skills practice and cognition, there is no
better source for current and past scholarship. This listserv is like
participating in a worldwide university seminar run by many of the most
prominent scholars in the field.

As you'll see from the website, the current article under discussion is
Mike Rose's "Remedial Learning" which you have described. I have not yet
ventured my voice on this listserv even though I read the posts regularly.
But with the encouragement of your contributions to help crystallize my
ideas, I look forwarded to joining the discussion actively very soon.


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Seems like people are about done voting on an article for discussion on
xmca from the MCA.  Lots of good choices.


I'll keep the polls open for a couple of more days. Last call.

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