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RE: [xmca] Tiny Publics

Tnx Andy,
Thats an awesome review and it will be of great help for me when i will start reading the book, i have ordered it couple of weeks ago. I have ordered it together with another book, which is about the Lurian and Vygotsky approaches to neuropsychology. I want to read them together in order to get a simultaneous exposion to the cultural historical approach starting from the very micro procedures to the more macro-level procedures.


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Attached is my review (3,000 words) of Gray Fine's recently published
"Tiny Publics."
My thanks to Mike who first introduced me to the word "idioculture"
earlier this year, Greg Thompson, who encouraged me to buy the book, and
Deborah Downing-Wilson who has given me invaluable feedback on my first

Comments of all kinds appreciated.
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