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Re: [xmca] Francois Cooren

Hi all,
I am at UdeM and am very fond of this group's work - having participated in
some of their data sessions. See their website for more info:


They also work closley together with others in Communication at CU Boulder.

Le 12-06-02 23:59, « Greg Thompson » <greg.a.thompson@gmail.com> a écrit :

> Anyone out there know much about Francois Cooren or the Montreal School of
> Organizational Communication?
> As for the former, Cooren's book Action and Agency in Dialogue asks:
> "What if human interactants were not the only ones to be considered,
> paraphrasing Austin (1962), as ³doing things with words²? That is, what if
> other ³things² could also be granted the status of agents in a dialogical
> situation?"
> As for the latter, the MSOC is characterized by wikipedia as:
> "taking communication as the "site and surface" of organizations, meaning
> that the latter emerge from and are maintained by communication processes."
> Both of these seem to be very important points that, I thought, articulate
> well with recent XMCA conversations.
> Anyone have any insight?
> Perhaps a recommendation?
> -greg

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