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Re: [xmca] cultural-historical research SIG of AERA

Peter and All,
I'm looking forward to being "just" a SIG member again after chairing, and think you'll all do a great job. I only want to add the idea of people on this list inviting others not on this list to join the SIG as well.

Don't forget to check out the latest at http://loisholzman.org

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On Apr 26, 2012, at 1:28 PM, Peter Smagorinsky wrote:

> Dear colleagues, the AERA Cultural-Historical SIG has a new set of officers beginning May 1. I'll list them below. Meanwhile, I hope that xmca members who belong to AERA both join the SIG, and submit proposals to the program this summer. The more proposals the SIG receives, the more program space it gets.
> Chair: Peter Smagorinsky
> Program Chairs/The Real Chairs: Emily Duvall and Carrie Lobman
> Secretary/Treasurer: Monica Hansen
> Communications chair (officially, newsletter editor, which is a brand-new role for the SIG): Jenna McWilliams
> I'm sure that we'll all be bugging you to contribute to the program as proposers and reviewers, so be on the alert for announcements and appeals and outright begging for your services.
> Thx,p
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