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[xmca] Education: Thanks Robert Lake

For some reason your quotation from Dewey struck me just now, Robert, often
as I have seen it. It got me to thinking along with thinking about AERA and
its events and face-to-face time. Nice to be able to "see it" at a
distance, but real time IS real time.

Here is the quotation:
 *Democracy must be born anew in every generation, and education is its
*-*John Dewey.

We talk a lot about metaphors around xmca and the metaphor of a midwife for
education is certainly a potent metaphor.

Would we put up with the success rate for education if that
social/institution's success rate is less than that of the midewife.
So what kind of a midwife is education, anyway? Where does the metaphor
lead us?

If you pick up some helpful pointers in Vancouver, let us all know!

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