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Re: [xmca] further reflections on emotion

Thanks Larry, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I'm not convinced that "abstract" conveys his meaning any better than "true" but you have cast your vote. And Hegel would have agreed with you. But I think that really, there were no words for these distinctions in Vygotsky's day and the situation is no better today.


Larry Purss wrote:
Andy, I wanted to say tht I enjoyed part 2 of your vimeo discussion on
concepts.  I would like to suggest that "abstract concepts" seems clearee
than "true concepts"
Your distinction that Vygotsky's project wa to explore "lines of
development" [practical and institutional] was very helpful.  As you say
concepts are BOTH practical [bottom up] & institutional [top down] and BOTH
lines of development are CENTRAL or foundational to the formation of

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