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[xmca] Vygotsky's meaning of autism

Need some help. In T&S 2.2 p 62-66 and other places Vygotsky uses the terms autistic thinking, autistic function, autism. He is not using these terms the way they are used today (autistic person, autistic spectrum, etc.)

He refers to Bleuler's proposal to call autistic thinking "unrealistic thinking" p 62. On p 64 he speaks of Bleuler's question about how autistic thinking can direct the greater part of the mental life of many children after the age of two (e.g., in fantasy, daydreams, and play). This provides an idea of what Vygotsky, Bleuler, others were referring to.

What terms are used in psychology today - and in especially in CHAT - for this kind of thinking?

- Steve
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