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Re: [xmca] Death and dying

On 6 February 2012 22:36, Christine Schweighart <schweighartc@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Greg ,
>  I'm going to watch the film showing next week



I've been waiting ages for this.  And have been badgering people like the
secretary of the cybernetics society <http://www.cybsoc.org/> to see it

Commerce obstructing science.  Outrageous.  :)


> - but I thought that the
> quote you make was spoken by Von Glaserfeld - and he was saying that he
> sometimes 'caught himself' - as exception from the way he thinks in his
> world- thinking about 'things': when his radical constructivism is to not
> do so (i.e that which is 'named as 'thing' is in process and dynamic
> construction - in relation). e.g Archives de Psychologie vol531985.
>  he drew upon Vico and in that article gives an explication of 'Vorstellung
> - which I happens to be talking about with someone else this week and
> commented:
> Mention of Vico brought semblances of others’ writings on
> Goethe/Hegel/Marx, and looking up Vico in the Stanford Encyclopedia of
> Philosophy, the lineage goes back further, and also forward to Croce – who
> was critiqued by Gramsci. The way von glaserfeld brought out the notion of
> Vorstellung to explicate Simmel’s meaning, makes central a reading ‘of an
> idea’ as an imaginative act, rather than an ‘iconic replica’
>  representation
> of some*thing* in the world.  He relates the importance of this distinction
> to orient towards  ‘preference’ in form of thinking arising through its
> functioning in the context in which they arise – or their ‘retention’
> ‘insofar as they turn out to be *viable* in the contexts of the organism’s
> activities’
> He is critiquing separation of subject and object and draws upon Vico's
> 'pleasing relations' in a way of meaningful abstraction.
> Here's the flyer clip
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7hOMAGEB7Ko
> Christine.
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