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[xmca] FW: International Journal of Early Childhood - Read Most Downloaded Articles

Free access to some articles on play......p

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Most Downloaded Articles

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International Journal of Early Childhood -

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  *   A Multicultural Perspective on Play and Learning in Primary School<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1002620/fdc5243103f0460d/6>
  *   Becoming a Preschool Child: Subjectification in Toddlers During Their Introduction to Preschool, from a Gender Perspective<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1002620/fdc5243103f0460d/7>
  *   Toddlers' Life in Swedish Preschool<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1002620/fdc5243103f0460d/8>
  *   Principles of emotional development and children's pretend play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1002620/fdc5243103f0460d/9>
  *   Parent participation in children' school readiness: The effects of parental self-efficacy, cultural diversity and teacher strategies<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c/1002620/fdc5243103f0460d/10>

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