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Re: [xmca] New set of Luria articles (thanks a lot, yet some treasures are still missing)


Wow!! This is an absolutely awesome and most impressive collection of original papers, thanks ALOT! (Hey guys, did you notice many of these were signed by the author himself!?!)

Just a remark, though: some materials do not seem to be available, such as: 

* RUSSIAN    1936      The Question of genetic analysis of psychological functions and their development. -- http://luria.ucsd.edu/Articles-by-Luria/PDFs/Luria_Genetic.Anaylsis.pdf


* RUSSIAN    1949      Disturbance of speech functions following war trauma of the brain. Neurology in Wartime. -- http://luria.ucsd.edu/Articles-by-Luria/PDFs/Luria_Speech.War.Trama.pdf

It would be really good to have either the files uploaded or the links corrected, depending on whichever of the two the source of the confusion is.



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Subject: [xmca] New set of Luria articles

After a long time we finally managed to get a set of articles provided by
A.R. Luria spanning a lot of his career into
PDF form and posted at http://luria.ucsd.edu/publica.html ;  There are a
couple of glitches, but there may be materials
of interest here that go  back a pretty long way.


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