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[xmca] meritocracy or inequality in education and employment

[Berg (1971) gave us a picture of the
race between groups from the bottom of
social hierarchy doing well in school,
on the
one hand, and ever increasing demands
school success as a criterion for
access to
jobs, on the other;] [[ every
achievement on the
school front, says Berg, has been countered
by an equal measure of unattainable
for employment. ]] 

Hi Everyone

I think there are many many points in the three current articles to be discussed . 

1. The quote I've put here from Lave & McDermott is in yellow and green . As we are now , due to the very favourable measures on the part of the colleagues in charge , accessing rich texts , is it not possible to reflect colour , too ?

2. Is there any admittance of the content of the above quote ?

3. What could be the root/s of such phenomenon ?

4. Have there been any talks or negotiations which could have led to a betterment of the situation ?

5. Referring to the example of forbiddenness I gave you , could it be considered a case of alienation in learning coming from alienation in economics ?

6. Could the above quote be another identical case ?

7. Willing to answer ?




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