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Re: [xmca] Jones on Learning under capitalism

I don't know of anyone who's analyzed Freire in terms of CHAT, but it would really interesting.

In Freire's alphabetization/conscientization work with adult peasants, the motivation for the activity is not literacy itself. Literacy is attained as a means for conducting the activity that is constructed in pursuit of motivating objects that are identified by the learners themselve; and there is a systematic use of written artefacts mediating the activity.

On Tue, 1 Nov 2011, Silvio Marquardt wrote:

Dear Ana,

Could you "situate" Freire`s statement within the activity system ?
"Critical reading" as "Activity" seems to be something worth trying.
How far is the "Freire-CHAT" debate up to now ?

Yours, Silvio

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Hello, everyone!

Here is Freire's definition of reading, in "Carta de Paulo Freire aos professores" (Freire's letter to teachers - In Portuguese at:  http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0103-40142001000200013)

"Ler é uma operação inteligente,    difícil, exigente, mas gratificante. Ninguém lê ou estuda    autenticamente se não assume, diante do texto ou do objeto da curiosidade    a forma crítica de ser ou de estar sendo sujeito da curiosidade, sujeito    da leitura, sujeito do processo de conhecer em que se acha. Ler é procurar    buscar criar a compreensão do lido; daí, entre outros pontos fundamentais,    a importância do ensino correto da leitura e da escrita. É que    ensinar a ler é engajar-se numa experiência criativa em torno da compreensão. Da compreensão e da comunicação."

My free translation of the extract:

"Reading is an intelligent, difficult, demanding,  but gratifying operation. Nobody authentically reads or studies if, facing the text or the object of his/her curiosity, he/she doesn't take a critical stance as the subject of curiosity, the subject of reading, the subject of the process of knowing where he/she is. Reading is to try to create the understanding of what's being read; therefore, among other crucial points, there lies the importance of teaching reading and writing in a correct way. Teaching how to read means engaging in a creative experience revolving understanding. Understanding and communication."

Well, I don't think there is anything else to comment about it.
Ana Paula Cortez
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