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Re: "neo-liberal" Re:[xmca]schools-without-computers-by-choice-and-conviction-that-they-dont-help-kids

Hi everyone and the good discussants

You ARE respectable people of essenses . Etymology is very good but you are apparently CHATing about what Roosvelt , Johnson , Kissinger , Jimy Carter , Reagan , Clinton , Bush , Obama , Thatcher , Blair , Gordon Brown , Sarcosie did to the PSYCHE of the world , to the psyche of their own country , to the psyche of the wise people natively and globally , to the psyche of the workers and the oppressed , if they were satisfied with their own country's PRODUCTION minus PLUNDER , AGGRESSION , TYRANNY , ILLEGITIMATE INTERVENTION IN THE WORLD AFFAIRS , SABOTAGE , ETC. ETC.  If the so-called De-mock-racy they brought forth everywhere thousands and thousands of miles away from their legitimate borders were to the promotion of humanity's great psyche . The gist of the first messages on one side was that the form and the content of the categories should be compatible to each other . You cannot take the form of Marx's debate about LABOUR alienation , ignore its
 due content ; impose the form onto another distinct category , the alienation in the sphere of LEARNING . And on the other side , there was a debate the gist and aim of which seemed as always to be the fact that DISCOURSE , CONVERGENCE AND INTER-SUBJECTIVITY ! WAS THE CURE FOR ALL MALAISE . This said , Obama's administration not only imposed economic embargoes / sanctions against unbridled governments but also closed any trace and window of the least amount of knowledge and wit and wisdom which came from the ADVANCED WORLD to the thirsty hearts of very good-willed individuals of the nations . What is the root and etymology for the word CRUELTY in the many abundant dictionaries and encyclopedias you can find just beside yourself or the nearby library where you live ? INTERSUBJECTIVITY came into existence when man had to encounter the UNTAMABLE NATURE , THE UNTAMABLE SOCIETY IN WHICH , DUE TO THE DIVISION OF LABOUR AND ACCUMULATION OF SOME MONEY  


Peter Jones has these to say :

When a whole social
system is built on exploitation, the consequences are felt—are suffered—
in all domains and
spheres of life that are connected to and spring up from it.All
including educational
ones, created to serve the “public good” ring hollow on such foundations.
If they temper and
alleviate the conditions of those who suffer most, then they are also bound
to contribute to the
reproduction of these same conditions. More fundamentally, all productive,
creative, and
life-affirming capacities and activities on which human well-being could be
when harnessed in one way
or another to exploitative ends, get blunted, diverted, and twisted out
of shape, becoming
devalued, destructive, or even unrecognizable.


However, as Williams points out, the essential issue is not so
much the parallels between work
and school as their interdependence. On that note, Lave and
McDermott (2002) argued that their
reading of Marx has
allowed us a conceptual
advance, namely, to see, once again but in a new way, not just learning, but
the nation’s very ideas
about learning as part of a wider system of cultural, political and economic
forces that organize and
define education and its problems. (p. 45)


Unravelling the
apparently paradoxical waste of life that “education” represents
for many therefore takes us
to the need for a concrete view of the reciprocal ties between
educational institutions,
along with their practices and theories, and the social inequalities,
and deprivation built
around exploitative “work.” This leads us to conclude that the positive
transformation of
schooling is at the same time a social transformation.

All the Best


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Although "neo-liberalism" can be discussed in terms of ideology, I think any account of "neo-conservatives" in the US needs to pay more attention to the biographical trajectories of people like Irving Kristol.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_Kristol#Ideas

"In 1973, Michael Harrington [a democratic socialist] coined the term "neoconservatism" to describe those liberal intellectuals and political philosophers who were disaffected with the political and cultural attitudes dominating the Democratic Party and were moving toward a new form of conservatism. Intended by Harrington as a pejorative term, it was accepted by Kristol as an apt description of the ideas and policies exemplified by The Public Interest [journal]. Unlike liberals, for example, neoconservatives rejected most of the Great Society programs sponsored by Lyndon Johnson; and unlike traditional conservatives, they supported the more limited welfare state instituted by Roosevelt."

On Mon, 31 Oct 2011, Michael Glassman wrote:

> This is all really interesting.  The neo-liberal I was referring to is an ever expanding universe but originally based in developmental economics and the work of Kenneth Arrow.  Basically it suggests that we can improve social communities (make them happier) by instituting global free market policies.  The way we prove this is by measuring some aggregate in society that it can be argued does increase happiness - usually that is GDP.  So neo-liberals look to increase GDP through dramatic free market interventions (the intervention is usually doing away with some non-free market institution).  Once the market works its magic it will then magically create demodractic institutions for watch over these wondrous developments.  By the way, from what I have heard this has not worked anywhere.  It has been translated to school reform and the idea that we have to measure increase in the ability of school systems to create happiness by some aggregate - and
 since the major aggregagte measure we have is standardized tests, we are supposed to use free market interventions to increase standardized tests and this will magicaly make everything better.  It is as Bill suggests a variation of neo-classical theory, which was actually terms neo-classical liberal theory in England for some time.


> This has been rolled into neo-conservatism which is an American approach which suggests that the United State should impose its better form of free market capitalism on the rest of the world and recreate other governments in our own image.  The goal is to destroy any type of welfare system in a country and then use it as a laboratory for free market neo-liberal capitalism.  The most famous example was the Chilean coup of Allende.  The neo-conservative approach got rolled into the neo-liberal approach and now seems to be referred to as mostly ne0-liberalism.


> Probably more than anybody was interested in.


> Michael



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