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[xmca] The metaphors that constitute Ingold's "wayfaring" as orientation and Zygmunt Bauman's "pilgrimage" as expressing yearnings and motivations


I wanted to start a new thread that may parallel and expand on the 2
articles by Julian Willams and Peter Jones.

 I'm attaching an article by Zygmunt Bauman that uses metaphorical images
of pilgrimage as central to our notions of modernity as a time of
wanderings.  I hope others enjoy his writing style as much I did.  He does
not use the specific term "mythological" [instead referring to mono-logical
assumptions] but he does take a historical perspective on our current

Bauman is engaged in trying to develop a new social ethic or value that
will re-vitalize our public sphere or what is often referred to as the
search for a "new commons". Within the new commons hermeneutical voices
that are multiple will challenge the mono-logical perspective.

Tony, I appreciate Zygmunt's genre of writing that puts our yearnings and
neediness back into the public arena and not expressions of encapsulated
identities.  His exploration of "identity" as a concept that would only
emerge within "desert" climates is a fascinating perspective.


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