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[xmca] debt crisis, cultural memory, and narrativity

The occupy wall street movement and the Arab Spring. Do they have a common
source?? Is that source our relation to DEBT as a moral stance embedded
within capitalistic activities which get represented within narrative form?

I'm attaching an article on narrativity in text construction and its
relation to various notions of self construction.  I think it is an
interesting summary of the question, Is narrativity a primary or a secondary
phenomena? The article may be interesting for locating various notions or
assumptions of "the self" and the sense of "situated agency or
intentionality" assumed.

 If the occupy wall street movement is a "space" to create an alternative
narrative that challenges exchange value social relations, then how we view
narrativity, speech acts, and activity are central concerns.   I found the
discussion of "soft notions" of "self" or "identity" interesting.


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