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[xmca] Fwd: A fair deal for our hardest-working students


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From: Jonah Edelman, Stand for Children <edelman@stand.org>
Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:21 AM
Subject: A fair deal for our hardest-working students
To: Sheila Cole <mcole@ucsd.edu>

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Stand for the Future]

"Without school, I have no future."

Supporters and friends:

As you know, Stand works to increase the number of K-12 students who finish
high school ready for college. We don't usually focus on higher education

But the House Appropriations Committee just released a draft budget that spells
disaster for some of the hardest-working low-income students.

"The Pell grant along with federal subsidized and un-subsidized loans pay
for over 75% of my college costs. Without the grant I wouldn't be in school,
and without school I have no future."

                  -- Wisconsin student Katelyn Dick

The proposed cuts to the need-based Federal Pell Grant Program would hit
more than 500,000 American college students who already struggle the most:

   - Students working their way through school, including those who juggle
   full-time work
   and their education
   - Students with children
   - Students who can't quite scrape together enough savings or loans to
   cover tuition
   - Students on public assistance
   - Students at community colleges

Remember, need-based Pell Grants are only available to the lowest-income

Will you stand with us now for equity? Don't let Congress knock several
rungs off an important ladder to the middle class. Take a minute today - tell
your member of Congress this proposal is

Standing with you,

P.S. Follow the Save Pell Twitter feed <http://twitter.com/#%21/savepell>and
news and updates, and read more comments from students like Katelyn.


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