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[xmca] perezhivanie

While I was reading this from Loeontyev , perezhivanie came to my mind , relevant ?
[[A day filled with a
multitude of actions, seemingly completely successful, may nonetheless spoil a
person’s mood, leaving him with some kind of unpleasant emotional residue.
Against the background of the concerns of the day this residue is hardly
noticed. But then comes a minute when the person looks back and mentally sorts
out the day he has lived through; at this moment there surfaces in his memory a
given experience, and his mood acquires the objective reference: There arises
an affective signal indicating that specifically this experience left him with
the emotional residue. It may happen, for example, that this is his negative
reaction to somebody’s success in achieving a common goal solely because it
seemed to him to be his alone; and here it seems that this was not exactly so,
and that really the principal motive for him was achieving the success for
himself. He is confronted with a “problem of personal sense” but it is not resolved
of itself because now it has become a problem of correlating motives that
characterize him as a personality. 
Specific internal work is
necessary to resolve such a problem and perhaps to eradicate what has become
exposed. After all, it is too bad, said Pirogov, if you do not notice this in
time and do not stop it. Herzen also wrote about this, and Tolstoy’s whole life
is a great example of such internal work.]]
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