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[xmca] Re: Vygotsky's personal perezhivanie on his trip to London

The authors of the article are Rene van der Veer & Ekaternina Zavershneva
Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Sciences vol. 45 p. 458-474. This is
an open access article that anyone can download.  It is a fascinating
journey through "vital experience"

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 9:06 AM, Larry Purss <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> The conversation on perezhivanie as "vital" experience and its relation to
> habits [Dewey] may gain some "insight" from locating this movement in
> actuality at the moment of in*forming.  In that spirit, I'm going to offer a
> section of Vygotsky's journal that he wrote on his journey to London via
> Berlin in 1925. The quote comes from the latest journal of "Intergrative
> Psychological and Behaviorial Sciences"
> "In Berlin I was thinking of you {Gokha} all the time. I am convinced that
> enormous ordeals lie ahead for us {Russia-Europe} - will you be happy and
> joyous? My darling. My light. In a foreign country, in the fresh air (an
> airplane) at sea - you feel a strange aloofness of everything. A
> reconsideration of your whole life, a revision of the soul. Suddenly you
> look at your whole life from aside, as in the minute of death. How
> excruciating! My words in this unforgettable journey - I myself set the
> rules of the game. The unforgettable Berlin is like a sign of my courage. I
> became more courageous (again the passport - Oldenzaal - memorize!!!) only
> after this bleak , excruciating, and wonderful day in Berlin. In my destiny,
> this is the sign of future enormous ordeals. Am I afraid? Of course, I am
> afraid. Of course I'm afraid, I feel terror, but keep it in check. I still
> have my strength and power. Let be.  Gokha.  I am with you."
> I "read" this passage as an example of "active experience" [perezhivanie].
> It is "qualified movement" and in this movement there is movement of the
> "soul" [psyche].  I read this movement "interpsychologically"
> Larry
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