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[xmca] Job announcement

Forwarded message from John Willett, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I’m sorry to email you “cold” like this, but I’m writing to ask for your help in a search for scholars in learning technologies who might like to join us at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We are hoping to appoint one or more tenure-track or tenured faculty members in the field

We are looking for folk who can help us train the next generation of education researchers in learning technologies, in our doctoral program, and also play an active role in our master’s program in Technology, Innovation and Education.  I have attached a pdf version of our position announcement (which was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education).  Even though we start reviewing applications on November 1st, 2011, we will continue to accept new applications throughout the process.

I wanted to ask if you know of any strong candidates for the position.  Either way, I would be delighted if you would be willing to pass on our job description to suitable folk or share their names with us.  Also, we would really appreciate your sharing our job announcement with anyone that you think might be able to help us identify competitive candidates. We are especially interested in recommendations for promising minority and women candidates.
Our Office of Academic Affairs is managing the day-to-day operations of the search -- principally our staffer, Samuel Odamah (email:  samuel_odamah@harvard.edu or phone (617) 495-4201), but I would also be happy to respond myself to any questions you may have.

Gordon Wells

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