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[xmca] Help With Russian (Again!)

Dear xmca Russophones:
We need some help over here in Korea. We're submitting a list of corrections for the second edition of our Korean translation of "Thinking and Speech" (which, I am pleased to say, sold out several months ahead of schedule, and remains on the best seller lists for education, arts and humanities, and social sciences). 
For the most part, the corrections are minor, and we've been able to agree. But we've got a problem with the fourth paragraph of the first section of Chapter Six. Vygotsky has this:
"В качестве вспомогательных приемов выступило наблюдение на специально организованных уроках, учет знаний и т.д. Объект изучения — школьники I ступени. "
We've got two possible interpretations. One is that this refers to school children in primary education, and therefore it includes the second graders and fourth graders in Schif's study. But the other is that it refers to FIRST graders, and therefore does NOT refer to the second graders and fourth graders in Schif's study.
What do you think?
David Kellogg
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of TESOL
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