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[xmca] Vygotsky's conference in Moscow

Hi all,
 I attached the information about the November conference at the Vygotsky
Institute of Psychology. Please contact the conference organizers for the
details if you are interested in participation. The deadlines for the paper
submission for publication can be negotiated. I edited the original
translation of the conference announcement, so if you have already seen one
on ISCAR site and it looks different to you, do not get confused, this is
the same conference...:-)


Elina Lampert-Shepel, Ed.D
Faculty, Ed.D.Methodologist
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership
Walden University

I have on my table a violin string. It is free. I twist one end of it and it
responds. It is free. But it's not free to do what a violin string is
supposed to do - to produce music. So I take it, fix it in my violin and
tighten it until it is taut. Only then is it free to be a violin string.
-Sir Rabindranath Tagore

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