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[xmca] RE: xmca Digest, Vol 75, Issue 9, Bladeless Knives Without Handles (David Kellogg), Larry Purss

Thank you very much for Bohr's great metaphor.
Metaphor is better than metamorphose, I suppose.
Here are links you ask for


The second one leads to some papers of mine (if you do not mind)

> Nikolai
> I appreciate your well constructed and supported response to David's
> questions.  You mentioned that your book is now on the internet. Could you
> please supply a link. I would enjoy reading more on your contrasting
> Vygotskian "ideas" with Vygotskian "theory".  I don't want to shift the
> conversation between you and David, but the place of "history" as it
> developed/develops in CHT and how the subjective and objective are
> intertwined [withIN an historically emerging process] seems central to
> furthering the discussion that opened up when reflecting on Rey's article
> and how reflection [as illumination] may also be referred to as diffraction
> [as illumination]. Both are metaphors for understanding or INsight but point
> to different aspects of perspectival realism. [John Shotter gets credit for
> this metaphor as he borrowed it from Karen Barad, who borrowed it from N.
> Bohr]
> Larry

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