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RE: [xmca] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

As one with Cherokee ancestry, allow me to comment on hooting for First
Hooting probably goes back much further to Africa, listening to their group
gatherings. One wonders why we humans and song birds have brain structure
and expression of the FoxP2 gene that is so similar, especially regarding
connections to vocalizations and ability to learn new songs (for those birds
especially that learn new songs each year). 2 -3 year old children prefer
simple rhythms over complex ones and also prefer their cultural rhythm over
other cultures. This suggests a genetic ability to rapidly learn the local
'song' and the ability to discriminate it from others, and therefore it
seems likely that humans 'flocked' together with 'song' from way back in our
evolution, perhaps long before we were homo sapiens. I would suggest also
that (some) Europeans may have lost this culturally from dislocations from
their villages in the mad dash to cities in the industrial age, but are
easily attracted back to any resurgence of singing together. The Europeans
in the Appalachians "Yaller" (they still having yallering competitions), to
communicate across mountains, as do the yodelling Swiss. Indians sing Ohm
together, and here in Melbourne almost all those at the Siddha Yoga Ashram
are European looking folks, where there is chanting as well as silent
Perhaps interconnectedness of humans is fundamentally a "hoot" both
genetically and culturally, for finding each other and then celebrating
being together. 

 Soley, G., & Hannon, E. E. (2010). Infants prefer the musical meter of
their own culture: A cross-cultural comparison. [Peer Reviewed].
Developmental Psychology, 46(1), 286-292.

have a good hoot over this post ya'll.
cheers derek

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> Aint the interconnected world just a hoot?
> mike
Surely native Americans were the first to connect by hooting?   Or did
hollywood get this wrong? :)

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