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[xmca] FW: Routledge Celebrates National Playday

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Routledge Celebrates National Playday


  Dear Dr. Smagorinsky
The International Journal of Play - new launch for 2012

Playday<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&2> is taking place across the UK today, celebrating children's right to play and highlighting the importance of play in children's lives.

In light of this exciting event, we are delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of new title The International Journal of Play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&3> in April 2012.

The International Journal of Play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&3> is an inter-disciplinary publication supported by The Association for the Study of Play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&4>, focusing on all facets of play. It aims to provide an international forum for mono- and multi-disciplinary papers and scholarly debate on all aspects of play theory, policy and practice from across the globe and across the lifespan, and in all kinds of cultural settings, institutions and communities.

Click here<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&5> to find out more about the journal and how to submit your article.

The deadline for submissions for the first issue of the journal is 9th October 2011.

Recommend The International Journal of Play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&3> to your librarian today!

 <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&6> [cover] <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&6> <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&6>

Play Article Collection

In further celebration of Playday, we are pleased to introduce the Routledge Play Article Collection<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&7>, featuring a selection of articles on the theme of 'play' from across our journal portfolio.

Click here<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&7> now to enjoy FREE access to these articles throughout August.

Highlights from the Play Article Collection include:

Play and theory of mind: associations with social competence in young children
<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&9>Emma Newton & Vickii Jenvey
Published in Early Child Development and Care
Characteristics of risky play
<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&11>Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter
Published in Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&6>


Find out more about the journal editors

The International Journal of Play<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&3> is edited by Professor Pat Broadhead (Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom), Dr June Factor (University of Melbourne, Australia) and Associate Professor Michael Patte (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA).

Check out this fascinating article authored by Pat Broadhead:

Developing an understanding of young children's learning through play: the place of observation, interaction and reflection
<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&12>Pat Broadhead
Published in British Educational Research Journal<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&13>


Further reading

For further reading material, take a look at the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal Special Issue: Outdoor play and learning<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&15>

This issue is a collaborative effort by the members of the EECERA Special Interest Group (SIG) Outdoor Play and Learning.

Please click here<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&16> for details of how to order this Special Issue.

 <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&17> [cover] <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&17> <http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&17>

Still to come...

Look out for this forthcoming book, due to be published November 2011

Understanding Young Children's Learning through Play
<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&18>Building playful pedagogies
By Pat Broadhead and Andy Burt

Click here<http://sci.scientific-direct.net/c.asp?974430&fdc5243103f0460d&18> to find out more.

Kind regards,
Jenny Morris
<mailto:jenny.morris@tandf.co.uk>Routledge Education

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