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[xmca] Fernando Rey's exploration of "sense"

The word "sense" is a KEY word in Fernando's article.

I want to bring in Martin's notion of "ontological tropes" as a way to
reflect on this key term in his exploration of the ontology of learning. He
suggests that six themes or six different ontological tropes that account
for an understanding of learning as a change of the KIND of person as well
as a change in the structuring of knowledge.
1) the person is constructed [RE-constructed]
2) in a social context
3) formed through practical activity.

Martin suggests these 3 themes are well developed within the exploration of
learning as a change of the person.  However, it is the next 3 themes which
I believe can be elaborated to deepen Fernando's notion of "sense".

4) Formed in relationships of desire & RECOGNITION [this is where I believe
John Shotter's writings add depth to the conversation]
5)that can split the person [schools emphasize on "abstraction" and
objectivication as ways of knowing make CONTRADICTORY demands and create a
split in our experience of "sense".
6)MOTIVATING [moving] the search for identity and character formation.  The
child as "student" MUST RESPOND ACTIVELY in either alighnment or
opposition.  What we call ATTITUDE is THIS ACTIVE STANCE towards the
institutional situation of development. This stance IS an ontologically
DETERMINATIVE stance.  Schooling is ALWAYS ABOUT "attitude" formed in
relations of recognition.

It is these last 3 themes of the SUBJECTIVE aspect of our development as
persons that the term "sense" is exploring.

What do others think?

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