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[xmca] Latest copy of journal "Theory and Psychology"

Hi Everyone

This months "Theory and Psychology" journal has many fascinating articles.
There is an article by Felder exploring Merleau-Ponty and his relevance for
applied psycholgy.  Another article by Larkin on embodied, active, situated
cognition that gives an historical overview of the evolution of
phenomenology [2 phases with the 2nd phase engaging with hermeneutics from
Merleau-Ponty's perspective].  This article suggests there have been 3
phases of the cognitive revolution and the 3rd stage is an embodied, active
situated model of cognition.  Also a book review on V. Reddy's 2nd person
account of how we know minds.  Also an article on Dewey's "psychology"

These articles together are extending my reflections on "fly-bottles",
frameworks, horizon of understanding, as the intersubjective meaningful
ground for our developing perspectives [seeing-as] that are both perceptual
and epistemological [as a gestalt with no gaps]

I was especially intrigued by Felder's approach to Merleau-Ponty in his
elaboration of a "cultural-existential" hybrid perspective.  It may be too
clinical in its specific focus, but the general framework was for me a
deepening of the conversation.

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