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[xmca] Vygotsky in English: What Still Needs to Be Done

Hi everyone!

For your information:   most recently several papers from the special Vygotskian 
issue of the journal Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science have been 
released and are now fully available online (as html and pdf). These include:

In Search of the Unknown: Introduction to the Special Issue
René van der Veer


Vygotsky in English: What Still Needs to Be Done 
René van der Veer and Anton Yasnitsky



To Moscow with Love: Partial Reconstruction of Vygotsky’s Trip to London
René van der Veer and Ekaterina Zavershneva


At a later time, there will be another paper, on Vygotsky Circle of several 
dozen Vygotsky's students and associates that will hopefully finally overturn 
the myth of the "troika da pyaterka" of his Apostles that keeps replicating in 
numerous accounts of Vygotsky's life story. I shall keep you posted...

Have a nice reading!

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