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Re: [xmca] "Inner Form" of Word, Symmetry, Ivanov Bateson?

Dear Huw,
 Thanks for bringing out this:
> In Curie’s> original words: “Dissymmetry creates the phenomenon” (“C’est la dissymétrie> qui crée le phénomène”) [2].>>Possibly in tune with the notion of rhythm as "the conflict between meterand words", Psychology of Art, page 219.
 I was dwelling in a dissymmetry between autopoiesis and languaging in the flow of living- and that we cannot
 create a symmetric reproduction of the pre-linguistic in speech.

And on the transformation of development from 'biological' I am  also trying to relate to what seems to be complementary work by Maturana's , as he too saw cognition as historical, - where on separation from the biological he suggests: 
As our existence as human beings takes place in our operation in language, the features of our existence that constitute our humanness,pertain to our relational domain and occur in our "languaging", not in our bodyhood. Thus, notions such as consciousness, reflection insolitude, mind, thinking and intentionality correspond to distinctions that we make of different aspects of our relational dynamics in our operation as human beings, and as such they do not take place in our bodies, norare they functions localizable in our brains. In other words, consciousness,auto-reflection, mind, thinking, or intentionality do not take place inthe body but occur through the operation of the body because they take place or arise as relations or distinctions that we make of relations ofthe living system with the medium, and involve both, body and medium, inthe dynamic flow of living, in the manner that we have described in this essay." 

In the 1995 'Brain, Language and the origin of Human Mental Functions',   because as biological knowledge has been refined the nature of separation yet without completely cutting off might be timely to reconsider - but without being in that perspective as a biological scientist -on firmer ground - it's  fragmented.
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