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Re: [xmca] activity (was concepts)

Nice to hear your voice again, Bill.

I think that a plethora of associated meanings is one important characteristic of a concept, but I think it is inescapable that we do differentiate within such plethora. We say that Moon River and Saturn's moon share something conceptual, but we also say that they are different concepts. The manysidedness of concepts still remains a separate issue from what makes them concepts and what any one of them is as a concept. (Assuming of course that we are not putting an equals sign between word and concept).


Bill Blanton wrote:
He Eric, I have been away and recuperating for the last while. But yesterday I began catching up on XMCA reading.The discussion of concept has been like a dance, a punch, a jabin away, great footwork, and all the actors are giving John Houstom more.

What moon mediates is not given by the moonl Moon assembles potential meanings that are indexe d to experence. Moon meaning is also linkedto nodes of meaning.So moon mediates a kind of limited concept. That it util mood is enlistedto mediate the construction not earlier connected with it and asociated with it. But Was it Vera that ask about process: Yes the word moon and its meaning can be a tool that mediates the production of a product.The product, along with other concepts and multimedia: Moon River, Moon of Miami, Carolina Moon, a moon pie that not taste like chocolate cake but tasts like a chocolatecovdered white creamy moon. Moon beam, Blood on the,Moon (Robert Mitchum movie, Red, Moon-faced as in taking large dososes of steroids, the planting moon, Moon of the Misbegotten Harvest Moon, moon landing, man in the moom, natal moon. Remember the "the moonies?"

I kept reading the messages I remembered an experience I had a product I purchased, There is an area in the Nappa Valley with deep dry gravely soil and jagged peaks standing over or rolling behind. On the valley floor and up the slanting sides the rock are planted cabarnet to get the hot sun and on the floor Chardanay is planted to get the mist from the Pacific and the sun.The Winnery that plants the fruit, presses the juice, barrels it and bottles it, pays workers, pays taxes, advertises the wine and ships it to buyers is named Cuttler Bay Winnery.

Cuttler Bay Winery and its growth are located the Valley of Moon. The Winery wanted to make a brand with its first production. I know what they did. I don't know how it was organized. I don't know howthe plan emerged, but I know who drew it out, I know it was not a blue suit wing-tipped wearing bunch of systems people. It was the workers in the winery from the top to bottom who did the creating, I know for a fact the brand was create by the workers.I sucke up on wine and laughned as it was sketched outon the scan, I watched it go through themany processess of discussion,etd to produce it.

Now I am trying to recover participants, acftivities and outcomes, division of labor and tools and otheradtivity interacting to produce the brand.

I am sure the concept of moon and its intertwinnng meanins were to mediate outcomes and to mediate different uses for tools. At the end a concept that most everyday people had of the moon moved forward mediate the nailing down of the brand. with other tools

Just as soon as I was strong enough to make a picture of it I did. It is a product that invites you and your conceptual understandins of moon to have a glass and talkl and laugh about it.

I have attached a picutre of the brand. The name of it is on the bottom and reads: The Newest great Winery in the Valley of the Moon simply needs exposure.

I have attached the picture and cropped the best I could. If had been more mobile, I migh have make a better picture. Open it and let you concept of moon take over. BB

Eric, you mentioned the risk of mooning. Let's see how many conceeptual meanings of moon, can be found in piece of art production and apprecieate the activity it surely motivates.

In the great wine country of Sonoma

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