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Re: [xmca] activity and reification

Anna, no-one took this up, but let me pursue it nonetheless.
I said I think we disagreee about what Vygotsky meant by "unit of analysis."
You concluded your third message in this exchange:

   "...to speak about it as the use of word in discourse (not just a
   single act, Andy; rather, a discursive activity with the word) ...
   discourse (understood as a specific type of communication) is what
   may usefully be taken as a unit of analysis in developmental (and,
   obviously, historical) studies."

Leaving all other issues aside (I actually agree with most of what you said in this message in response to Martin), what do you make of the word "unit" in the term "unit of analysis"? Do you see it as a kind of historical accident, or a mistake, or simply a trivial thing? I take it seriously, you see.

Do you see what I am getting at Anna? You seem to use the term to mean "subject matter."

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