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[xmca] S.L. Rubenshtein and Merleau-Ponty


Thanks for the offer to post a pdf document of  the most relevant parts of
Merleau-Ponty's book "The World of Perception" that seem of closest interest
to xmca-ites .  I would be interested in exploring his ideas on this forum.
The section of his work you posted captures the perpetual ambiguity of
attempting to reach a "meeting of minds"  with the recognition that we will
never definitely succeed.   It is interesting that his lectures were
broadcast over the  French airwaves in 1948.  Merleau-Ponty's name often is
linked with Buber, Gadamer, and Levinas as existential scholars who
emphasized our  humanity as fundamentally dependent and needing others in
our attempts to relate to the world and ourselves.

I also would be interested in how Rubenshtein understood the subjective side
of activity theory and his project to emphasize this aspect of activity.
Mike, do you see Anna Stetsenko exploring similar themes to Rubenshtein?

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