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RE: [xmca] concepts

This is exactly what I thought, Jay. 

The student writing that I am analyzing is a reflection of a
service-learning project in which the students worked with a variety of
activities and concrete materials (ie. Planting native and non-native
plants, building a bench using logs and wooden pegs). The written
reflections are just one set of artifacts in the data which includes
pre-writing, illustration, and video interview and tour of the site. Another
great piece of the project was a student documentary. Multiple degrees of
generalization by multiple participants. It is a very rich data set which
contrasts to many of the measures available to analyze or score student

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Thanks, Monica, for these thoughts and questions. It's been a busy week and
I am just working my way through more xmca postings.

One possible suggestion for getting at some of your questions about how much
authentic meaning-making is going on in kids writing is to broaden the
mediating means -- what happens if they try to connect their written texts
with drawing pictures? or enacting a playlet? or building something? While
there are some aspects of meaning-making that are bound to particular sign
systems, in general I think the sort of flexible meaning-making we associate
with conceptual understanding crosses over from one to another, or more
subtly, it flows through and among them. When we restrict our meaning-making
artificially to just one medium (or one genre, or one topic) it becomes much
harder to tell the difference between rote and living meanings.


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