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Re: [xmca] FW: Autistic Boy: Higher IQ Than Einstein Dev's Own Th. of Relativity

> We had a show on TV from the BBC the other night about "child geniuses."
They all had an IQ of 170, because that is a cut-off level, and proud
parents were getting their kids tested at age 3!! The show didn't spell it
out, but IQ is age-adjusted, isn't it? So claiming an IQ of 170 for a
3-year-old is madness. I don't doubt these kids are very gifted and special,
but ...

> Andyh

You'd hope (and, if that way inclined, pray) that he knows the media
show is an act for bank rolling his (and his 'teams') future.

Bobby Fischer's 'going AWOL' is absolutely no surprise to me.

I guess the message to our media stars is "For as long as we adore
you, we'll never want to understand you".  No pressure!

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