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Re: [xmca] A Modest Proposal for Intergenerational Assistance

What a lovely gesture!

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>Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 08:34:34 -0700
>From: xmca-bounces@weber.ucsd.edu (on behalf of mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com>)
>Subject: [xmca] A Modest Proposal for Intergenerational Assistance  
>To: "eXtended Mind, Culture,Activity" <xmca@weber.ucsd.edu>
>Dear XMCA participants.
>I have consulted with several senior colleagues who are game for the
>(In what follows I am speaking as a member of the ill-defined “older
>generation” at XMCA)
>I have been thinking over the problem of what help the more senior members
>of XMCA, those with secure jobs, can provide for our students and junior
>colleagues who are caught in this very difficult historical moment. Whatever
>general advice that we might give, the fact is that we could not deal any
>better with current circumstances if we were just starting out now.
>The one thing we have a lot of experience doing is helping young scholars
>develop their ideas in writing so that they can get their work published. We
>can also offer practical advice about methods, relevant literature, etc. In
>short, we can do the kind of mentoring that many of us do daily, locally.
>But can’t we also do it xmca-wide?
>I propose that we create a list serve, associated with XMCA, where a group
>of elders (those with secure jobs) and a group of those still struggling
>toward secure work in academia can pair up for purposes of advice on a piece
>of junior writing, starting with thesis proposals. Participants might wish
>to organize sub-networks -- many refinements are possible.
>We do not have all the mechanisms worked out for such an inter-generational,
>academic support system. But we have built a placeholder in the
>to-be-released new LCHC home page for an enabling platform. The roll out of
>the new page is a few weeks away, but that need not stop us from finding out
>who is interested, what generational group they prefer to be identified
>with, and perhaps two lines about areas of interest/"expertise.". We can
>collate that info into a data base and use it to create a handy dandy new
>cultural practice.
>If you are interested, please respond to Tamara Powell,
>She will do the collating and report back about who wants to be involved and
>how. Then we will take the next practical steps for people to link up.
>I am traveling and only have spotty email contact but will stay abreast of
>this endeavor.
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