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[xmca] Vygotsky concept

I always draft me bow behind vygotsky's ship on matters of concept, in 
Kozulin's edited 1999 version of thought and language vygotsky writes on 
page 109:  "The process of concept formation, like any other form of 
itellectual activity, is not a quantitative overgrowth of the lower 
associate activity, but a qualitatively new type.  Unlike the lower forms, 
which are characterized by the immediacy of intelectual processes, this 
new activity is mediated by signs."    This clearly removes concept from a 
quantitative aspect of set definitions and into the realm of 
generalizations (i.e. the word).  It allows humans to have the idea there 
is the one and the many within one qualitative concept.

Also to mention in the same book the following are categories under 
concepts in the index:  abstract, artificial, development of, equivalence 
of, formation of, functional equivalence of, hierarchy of, nonspontaneous, 
potential, scientific, sociological, spontaneous, system of.

perhaps others have addressed this already, i regret I do not have the 
time to read all there is on xmca as well as try my hand once again at 
Hegel; I am trying andy

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